Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Draw a Tree Vector in Coreldraw

Before we begin to draw a tree in advance we draw parts of the tree itself. Like the leaves and the stem.

A. Draw A Leaf
1. As always we used to open his CorelDRAW software applications.
2. to draw the leaves, first we select Bezier Tools in the Toolbox to the right then with the tool make the Rhombus object like below:

3. then using the Shape Tools, right click on the line that is shown in the picture below, then choose to Curve.

4. Still using the Shape Tools, double click the designated point in the picture below.

5. Why hasn't mine similar to the shape of the leaves, huh? Don't worry, so that its shape is similar to a leaf it is necessary a little sliding the ends of the lines that circled in red on the image with a click on the other end of the line.

6. Next steps i.e. coloring. Click the object and then select the last leaf docker Object Properties:
· To FILL (fill): Fill in the Type field select the Uniform Fill then select the colour that is Chartreuse
· To Outline (outline edges) select hairline with color 20% Black.

7. In order to be similar to the leaves, add a line between the parts of a leaf using Bezier Tools and lengkungkan with the Shape Tools such as the above steps. To color the same line with the edge of the leaf that is 20% Black.

8. So that the color of the leaves like a real use the Mesh Tool and click the object leaves above, select a section on the red dot (one by one) to be changed its color and then select the color Green in Colour palettes.

9. The picture of the leaf is complete we make. To unite all objects which we have image, Select all objects with the select PickTools then right click and select group.

B. Draw Rods

1. make a triangle of equal distance using Basic Shapes select and let the active position.
2. on the Toolbox Interactive Blend Tool select the Distort, on the Property Bar select Twister Distortion, Clockwise Rotation and at Additionnal Degrees (degrees of rotation) content with 45. So the triangle last will form such as a tree trunk by itself.
3. Duplicate tree trunks last and scaled down. Then arrange so that it forms a branch of the tree.
4. How Do number 3 above resulting in 4 branches.
5. Pictures of finished rods we make. Snap all objects stem we have images of yesteryear.

C. the unification of Leaf and stem
1. Duplicate pictures leaves into several strands of leaves.
2. Tempellah image leaves earlier so that it becomes a tree.
3. Select all objects of the leaves and stem with select PickTools then right click and select group.

So how to draw trees using CorelDRAW X 4, may be a useful science. ...

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